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More wiring fun...

So after pulling 5 wires to 2 locations in the family room (it's a big family room!), I realize that I actually need two more hardwire ports near my desk. Yes, my desk is in the living room. I don't use my desk at night which is when the family is in the family room, and there is no other good "office" space that's isolated from the rest of the house. What does this mean? Well, I get a fantastic view of the woods that surround the property. And the dogs can have plenty of space to hang out while I'm working. 

For today, I plan on:

  • getting the 4 port in-wall switch + AP installed (fishing a wire from the garage into the wall cavity)
  • Possibly pulling two more wires from the basement to the family room (150+ ft)
  • Installing a Ring security light/cam setup on the garage. More for the security lights, but I like to be able to see what's going on in the middle of the night and catching some wildlife wandering around
  • Investigate the non-existent doorbell. The bell is there but there is no button. If I can wire directly to the bell, I'll likely put in a ring doorbell as I really liked that in the old house. Interestingly enough, there are doorbell buttons randomly placed throughout the house. None seem to do anything, but I bet that's because a wire or two is broken. There used to be some interesting intercom type things. 
  • My son has discovered the Philips HUE lights - and loves them. There are few switches in the house and if there is a light switch, it's either hard to find, or it's in the least convenient place. The light switches to the bathroom are outside the bathrooms. That makes for some fun times when someone walks by and shuts off the light...
  • Cleaning things up a bit. I realize in my networking binge, I've made a mess, so I'll be cleaning that up and putting stuff back in the garage. 


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