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Hello! I became a mentor for the local high school robotics team about 3 years ago when my son joined the team as an 8th grader. I was so happy he was "called up" from middle school to join the high school team! My son brought me to the "robotics lair" and I met the team and the other mentors. Since then, robotics has become a passion. I've always loved the intersection of hardware and software, although my background is primarily software. I have learned so many things, and of course, the more I learn the more I realize there is to learn. I have dedicated countless hours to robotics in the years since. I will talk about some of the things we've done, challenges we as a team face (and me personally). I hope to not embarrass my son too much, but you know, sometimes, that just naturally happens. My background: I have been making things since I was maybe 4. My parents had few working electronics in the house until I was about 10 when I figured out ho